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Organic Acid Analysis

ICSep Columns for Organic Acid Analysis

Ion exclusion is the preferred method for the separation of weakly ionizable species such as organic acids and alcohols. Transgenomic provides a broad range of columns that provide varying efficiencies and selectivities for the separation of weak acids by ion exclusion.

The packings employed with ion exclusion are totally sulfonated polystyrene divinylbenze (PS/DVB) copolymers. By totally sulfonating the polymer, the bead behaves as though it were a negatively charged sphere. This charged sphere is referred to as a Donnan membrane. Species that have a negative charge are repelled from the negatively charged membrane, while uncharged species are allowed to enter the sphere and adsorb onto the beads.The mobile phases employed with ion exclusion are low concentration acids, such as 5mM sulfuric acid.

R-COO- + H+ <——> R-COOH
(repelled) (retained)

This equilibrium is regulated by the acidic dissociation constant (pKa) of the organic acid or alcohol. Therefore, species are analyzed by ion exclusion and elute according to their pKa.


The key features of the ICSep ion exclusion columns are:

  • Polymeric Substrate
  • High efficiency
  • High resolution
  • Separates organic acids, carbohydrates, and alcohols on the same column
  • Very Rugged Design which provides long life

Since ICSep columns are based on a polymeric substrate consisting of polystyrene/divinylbenzene copolymers they are stable in the pH range of 0 to 14, temperature stable, and very rugged. The ICSep organic acid columns have been shown to last for thousands of runs without cleaning.They show very good lotto-lot and column-to-column reproducibility with retention times varying by less than 1%.

Transgenomic offers ICSep organic acid columns to meet your analytical needs. ICSep columns are available that focus on speed or efficiency and there are ICSep ion exclusion columns that focus on ruggedness and the ability to handle dirty samples.There are even ICSep columns for aromatic organic acids.Transgenomic is sure to have an ion exclusion column to meet your needs.

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ICSep USP L-17 ICSep Coregel 87H1 Fast Organic Acids Analysis ICSep ARH-601 Aromatic Acids Analysis
ICSep USP L-17
Price: $675.00
ICE-99-8461 ICE-99-5861 ICE-99-5753
ICSep ION-310 Fast Organic Acids Analysis ICSep Coregel 87H3 ICSep Coregel 107H
ICSep Coregel 87H3
Price: $884.00
ICSep Coregel 107H
Price: $920.00
939288 ICE-99-9865 ICE-99-9866
ICSep WA1 Wine Analysis Column ICSep Coregel 87H3 ICSep Coregel 87H3
ICSep Coregel 87H3
Price: $940.00
ICSep Coregel 87H3
Price: $940.00
ICE-99-9810 ICE-99-9861 ICE-99-9871
ICSep Coregel 64H ICSep ORH-801 IC Sep CA-1 Carbonate Analysis
ICSep Coregel 64H
Price: $940.00
ICSep ORH-801
Price: $950.00
ICE-99-9860 939281 ICE-99-9872
ICSep ION-300
ICSep ION-300
Price: $975.00