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**UPDATE as of June 9, 2016

Re: Grace Discovery Sciences discontinuation of product

Dear Valued Cobert Associates’ Customer:

As promised, our updated information regarding Grace/Vydac and Alltech products has been received and we want to bring the latest details to your attention.

The original:

Vydac, Alltima, Alltima HP, Prevail, Apollo, Allsep, Apex and Genesis analytical HPLC column ranges are still fully available and will be manufactured to the same exacting manufacturing protocols and to identical specifications previously used by Grace/Alltech.
Cobert Associates will continue to accept orders as usual for these products.

Cobert Associates will also continue to provide the consumables, accessories and ancillary products as well as the vast selection of other brands of HPLC and GC columns we have always provided for over 4 decades. Our chromatography experts can help provide you with the high quality, alternative products to any which are being discontinued, so please contact us and allow Cobert to find the proper substitutes that will keep your labs running smoothly; your satisfaction is paramount to us.

As always, we greatly appreciate your business and loyalty to Cobert Associates and we look forward to working with you as before.

Best regards,

Cobert Associates Team


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201TP™ C18 Column 250x3mm 5um VisionHT  HILIC 50x1mm 1.5um VisionHT  HILIC 100x1mm 1.5um
5103820 5141913 5141914
218TP™ C18 Column 50x10mm 5um 218TP™ C18 Column 50x4.6mm 3um Alltima™ HP C18-Amide Rocket™ 53x7mm 3um
218TP51005 941234 3112802
201TP™ C18 Column 250x10mm 10um 201TP™ C18 Column 250x22mm 10um 201TP™ C18 Column 250x10mm 5um
5103811 5103812 5103815
208TP™ C8 Column 250x50mm 15-20um 214TP™ C4 Column 80x10mm 10um 214TP™ C4 Column 250x50mm 15-20um
5103851 5103904 5103915
218TP™ C18 Column 250x50mm 15-20um 219TP™ Diphenyl Guard Crt 10x1mm 5um 2pk 219TP™ Diphenyl Guard Kit 10x1mm 5um
5103978 5104003 5104007
238TP™ C18 Prep Guard Kit 10x10 238TP™ C18 Guard Cart 7.5x4.6mm 10um 2pk 238TP™ C18 Guard Kit 7.5mmx4.6mm 10um
5104024 5104026 5104033
238TP™ C18 Column 250x10mm 10um 238TP™ C18 Column 250x22mm 10um 218TP™ C18 Column 250x100mm 10-15um
5104050 5104051 5104219
Anion/S Column 100x4.6mm 10um 201TP™ C18 Column 150x3mm 3um 208TP™ C8 Column 250x10mm 15-20um
5104281 5104292 5104298
219MS™ Diphenyl Column 50x1mm 5um 214TP™ C4 Column 50x2.1mm 3um 208TP™ C8 Column 250x50mm 10-15um
5104324 5104347 5104528
208TP™ C8 Column 150x22mm 10um 218TP™ C18 Column 600x100mm 15-20um 219MS™ Diphenyl Column 50x0.300mm 5um
5104548 5104550 5104624
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