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Transgenomic Columns for Amino Acid Analysis

Ion-exchange chromatography is a popular technique for the analysis of amino acids because both retention times and quantification are highly reproducible regardless of the sample matrix. This unique matrix insensitivity is important when comparing results from different patients or batches of protein hydrolysate.

Amino acids are zwitterions; at low pH, they are positively-charged and are bound to the resin by their attraction to the negatively-charged ion-exchange sites. Almost all the contaminants, i.e. matrix, are eluted at the void.The amino acids are then selectively eluted by increasing the pH and salt concentration with different buffers.With few exceptions, the order of elution follows the isoelectric point of the amino acids, i.e. acidic amino acids first, then neutral and basic. Because the separation and the ensuing post-column reaction of amino acids are devoid of contaminants, amino acid analyses via ion-exchange chromatography are highly reproducible.

The key features of the Transgenomic cation-exchange columns are:
•Polymeric Substrate
•High efficiency
•High resolution
•Reproducibility lot-to-lot and column-to-column
•Available for both physiological and protein hydrolysate amino acids

Amino acid columns are subjected to many different types of samples (blood, urine, growth media, animal feed, wine, etc.) and often they are introduced with minimum sample preparation. Therefore this variety of matrix challenges all but the most rugged ion-exchange columns.Transgenomic columns use polystyrene/divinylbenzene copolymers and are stable in the pH range of 0 to 14; they are temperature stable and very rugged. The Transgenomic amino acid columns have been shown to last for thousands of runs without cleaning. Because Transgenomic manufacture the polymers and pack the columns, lot-to-lot and column-to-column reproducibility is excellent (retention times vary by less than 1%). Available for both routine hydrolysate analysis as well as complex physiological fluids, Transgenomic amino acid columns have been designed to provide the highest efficiency and highest resolution of any ion-exchange amino acid columns on the market.
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Amino Sep Na+ AA-911 Amino Sep Na+ AA-911 Waters Compatible Amino Sep Na+ AA-511 High Speed
Amino Sep Na+ AA-911
Price: $1,970.00
AAA-99-8553 AAA-99-8553W AAA-99-6554
Transgenomic Li+ Amino Acid Analysis Column Amino Sep Na+ AA-511 Beckman Na+ Amino Acid Analysis for System Gold
Amino Sep Na+ AA-511
Price: $2,150.00
AAA-99-5311 AAA-99-7554 AAA-99-6310
Transgenomic Li+ Amino Acid Analysis Column 6300 Transgenomic Na+ Amino Acid Analysis Column 6300
AAA-99-6311 AAA-99-6312