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Replacement 6.4 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Crimpenstein™ Decapper Jaw, 8mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Stand
951648 W225625 W225630
Base and Mounting Kit for 6.4 Volt Crimpers or Decappers Crimpenstein™ Crimper Jaw, 8mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Crimper Jaw, 11mm (NO UNIT)
951647 W225620 W225621
Crimpenstein™ Crimper Jaw, 13mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Crimper Jaw, 20mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Decapper Jaw, 11mm (NO UNIT)
W225622 W225623 W225626
Crimpenstein™ Decapper Jaw, 13mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Decapper Jaw, 20mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Crimper / Decapper Jaw Set, 8mm (NO UNIT)
W225627 W225628 W225615
Crimpenstein™ Crimper / Decapper Jaw Set, 11mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Crimper / Decapper Jaw Set, 13mm (NO UNIT) Crimpenstein™ Crimper / Decapper Jaw Set, 20mm (NO UNIT)
W225616 W225617 W225618
Crimper, Electronic 6.4 Volt 8mm Crimper, Electronic 6.4 Volt 11mm Crimper, Electronic 6.4 Volt 13mm
951640 951641 951642
Crimper, Electronic 6.4 Volt 20mm Decapper, Electronic 6.4 Volt 11mm Decapper, Electronic 6.4 Volt 13mm
951643 951644 951645
Decapper, Electronic 6.4 Volt 20mm Crimpenstein™ w/ Crimper Jaw, 8mm Crimpenstein™ w/ Decapper Jaw, 8mm
951646 W225605-A W225610-A
Crimpenstein™ w/ Crimper Jaw, 11mm Crimpenstein™ w/ Crimper Jaw, 13mm Crimpenstein™ w/ Crimper Jaw, 20mm
W225606-A W225607-A W225608-A
Crimpenstein™ w/ Decapper Jaw, 11mm Crimpenstein™ w/ Decapper Jaw, 13mm Crimpenstein™ w/ Decapper Jaw, 20mm
W225611-A W225612-A W225613-A
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